What is the Best Travel Wallet?

Picking the correct travel wallet is one of the most important parts of preparing for travel. Pretty much everyone struggles with it. But the search for such an important travel item shouldn’t be that hard. You only need to know what to look out for. The best travel wallet should be functional and have a full range of special security and safety features such as GPS tracking, RFID blocking, and waterproofing capabilities. Smart wallets by Wallor are some of the best and most innovative wallets on the market as they contain these and more smart features to keep your valuables safe.

Why You Need a Travel Wallet

You might never know how important a travel wallet is until you lose valuables such as a passport or credit card while traveling. It’s a terrible experience for any traveler. Here are a few reasons you should invest in a travel wallet.

  1. Storage Space

You will need to carry your valuables such as passports, cash and credit cards when you travel. You need convenient storage for these valuables otherwise you risk losing them to thieves or misplacing them and never finding them. A travel wallet is the only way to keep your valuables safe and have the piece of mind to concentrate on the thrills of your trip.


The time you travel should be time to enjoy, relax and unwind. You need to avoid as much stress as possible. You want to find what you need quickly, whether its cash, cards or your passport. The best travel wallets are designed with you the traveler in mind and are designed to make sure that all your valuables are well organized and will be easy to reach whenever and wherever you need them without the risk of losing other important documents.

  1. Security

    A travel wallet is one of the most secure and fashionable ways to keep your valuables safe while you travel. The best wallets come with a wide range of features to enhance the security of your valuables and reduce the risk of pickpocketing or theft. They also have features that help track your valuables in case you lose them giving you a piece of mind wherever you travel.

    What to Consider When Buying a Travel Wallet

Buying a travel wallet is an investment in your security. But how do you find the one that meets your unique needs? Here is what to look for when shopping for a travel wallet.

  1. Functionality

    If you have valuables you want to keep organized, investing in functional travel wallet will save you time and keep the thieves away. A functional wallet should have well-organized compartments in all the right places to make storage and retrieval of your valuables easy and minimize the time you need to rummage for documents, cards or cash. Also, make sure that the wallet has enough amount of space to put all your valuables.

  2. RFID blocking

Just like everyone else, today’s thieves and pickpocketers are becoming more innovative by using technology to steal from travelers. These types of thieves don’t even need to open your wallet to see what inside. Using radio frequencies they can get access to your passport and credit card details without your knowledge. They can use these details to fake your identity or use up your finances. A wallet with RFID blocking will be able to counter any of these attempts and ensure that all your important details remain safe.

  1. GPS Tracking

    Yes, the right travel wallet should be equipped with GPS tracking technology. While a wallet ensures that you don’t lose your valuables, the unexpected could still happen and you could lose it. Using a GPS app on your phone a smart travel wallet can enable you to track it’s exact location if you lose it. With GPS tracking it will be incredibly easy to find your wallet if it gets stolen.

  2. Anti-theft Alarm

    Traditional wallets made it extremely easy for thieves to pickpocket the wallet and make away with it without anyone noticing even in crowded places. However with an anti-theft alarm enabled wallet, you can rest assured that no one will ever steal your wallet without your knowledge. The wallet comes with a Bluetooth alarm that will alert you if ever your wallet goes a certain distance away from you. Once you hear the alarm, you can easily track the location of your wallet and alert the police to secure it.

    5. AR Detection

    If you want to quickly find your wallet in case you lose it, selecting a wallet with Augmented Reality markers is your best bet. Using an app on your phone you will be able to easily find the location of the lost wallet within your immediate surroundings and secure it before someone gets away with it. Does securing a lost wallet get easier than that?

The Best Travel Wallet on the Market


If you are set to invest in your next travel wallet you need look no further than smart wallets by Wallor. The wallets come with all the advanced functions and world-class security features you will ever need to keep valuables safe. They also come in a full range of designs and types to meet every need. Don’t wait, today is the day to invest in a smart travel wallet.

How to Clean New Era Fitted Hats

New Era hat is a hard hat to maintain; one needs to learn some preventive measure that can enable him/her to keep the cap clean and brand new for a long. In the below text I will be describing precautionary measure taken to clean and maintain your hat at high standards of the new era fitted hats.

  1. Decide how you want your hat clean. It is a desire of everyone who has fitted hats to keep them looking fresh and in good shape. To achieve this one has to make sure that he/she uses gentle cleaning and have proper storage to make sure his/her new era fitted hats are safe. Also, the user should avoid soaking the new cap with other clothes to keep it fresh always; the lid should even not come to contact with soil to preventing it getting old or out of shape early.
  2. Cleaning your hat gently after every use in order to ensure that no dust accumulates on your hat after using it ‘especially those with era fitted cap, it is therefore advisable to the user to clean their hats gently after use this should take a little as two minutes.
  3. Remove dust and lint using a lint roller-removing dust and lint using lint roller is one of the best ways to keep your hat fresh every day after using it. Use of lint roller is one the best to keep your hat away from dust and lint on your cap. However; some lint rollers may contain sticky end which may be left on your cap. These sticky ends are usually removed by hand picking.
  4. Using wet wipers once in a week. To keep your new era hats away from developing any stain before they get worse use of wet wiper is an excellent method. The wet whipper is through whipped to the outside and inside the cap once in a week or more if you wear your hat daily. While using the wet wiper one may give more focus on places where they sweat most and on blim where they put their hands most. Sweat tends to penetrate fabric which is very difficult to remove while fingerprint may form brim around the place you take most while taking off the hat.
  5. storing your hat properly-tossing your new ere fitted hats on the floor or dresser increase the chances of the cap accumulating the dust. Storing the hat on hat rack may also make it acquire dust this is because hat racks tend to store dust especially when placed beside the door. The best way to keep your fitted hats is inside a box and making sure that it is wrapped with a tissue paper.
  6. filling the sink with soapy water. While washing your new era fitted hats, it is advisable to use cold water. Cold water prevents the hat dye from seeping out. However, one can still use hotter water while washing old hats which have been already cleaned before.