How to Hire an ISA for your Real Estate Team?

Having to manage a business require some skills and commitment. The biggest mistake most managers do is employing people who are not competent enough to handle the companies undertaking. This has cost most of the business and they end up making losses instead of profits. We know that every business need inside sales agents for it to run smoothly. But again the challenge here is who exactly should you employ or what should you look in a person before you employ them? No need to worry anymore because in this article, you will find a way to ensure your company excel by having the right people. The below tips will help you to have a real estate call center agent who cannot trick your customers, a person who will work toward the attainment of the business objectives and goals.

Check on the personal traits of the agent

Traits and characters are very important in our day to day life. Keep in mind that the person you are seeking to employ will be dealing with your business operations. So you need to trace back the record of this agent and find out if he or she had some criminal records or traits that would otherwise mask the image of your company.

Check on the experience

When you talk about real estate’s agents, you would definitely get confused because there are so many of them out there. But again you need to know that all the ISA can sell houses. So if you are not willing to make mistakes, you can choose to employ those agents who are most qualified and fall in your real line of work. Do not go for an agent who has been dealing automotive industry. Experience matters a lot. So a person with at least 4 years’ experience will the right person for your company because they will know how to handle your customers.

Conduct an interview

Interviews have so far proven to be the best way to identify the potential of anticipated employees. Facial interaction provides a better platform to get to know much about the person you are intending to employ. We know that a sales agent should have the potential of convincing buyers so that they can be able to purchase the products. Another thing they have to do is to ensure they handle the online communication sector and convince them. Thus if he or she is capable of answering your questions correctly, then you will have a perfect candidate for the job

Ask for their reference

We believe that someone who is dedicated to provide the best always shine wherever they go. Thus if they are joining your company, then you will need to request them to give you their reference. With this information at5 hand, you will be able to make communication and verify if the information they provided is really valid. This can help you develop a little trust on them even if they are new to you.

Let him or she live you a voicemail.

Many people can be able to perfectly express themselves in writing. But when it comes to verbal communication, they fail you. So one secret to deploy if you need to get a perfect agent for real estate call center is to ask them to deliver a voicemail message to you. The voice message should answer why the person thinks he is the best candidate for the job listed.

Why the US outsource software development to Ukraine?

Ukraine is a truly unique place for outsourcing software development.

There are a number of reasons for the US to outsource software development to Ukraine developers. Let’s have a look at them.

Giants do business in Ukraine

Ukraine seems to be the flourishing business place for many large companies to outsource software development to it. The famous examples are eBay, Nokia, Apple, Intel, and others that hire Ukrainian programmers for the development of new software. Moreover, Ukraine developers are regarded among the most sought-after computer engineers.


For this reason, US companies don’t shy away from extending their businesses to Ukraine. That includes hiring local developers. Ukraine is a great country to work with indeed. It possesses a variety of many skills and talents.


Ukrainian software engineers are involved in creating IT solutions both for the foreign and home market as well. The statistics speaks for itself: almost 80% of IT projects are outsourced to Ukraine. That’s the reason why Ukraine developers are always on the curve of new technologies. Therefore, their level of proficiency is continuously on the rise.

Ukrainian laws back up foreign customers

Legally speaking it is easy to enter into business cooperation between foreign and home development companies from the stance of Ukraine’s legal system. Both parties can feel safe and sound in this land.


The great bonus is that foreign companies are VAT-free!


Ukraine’s Intellectual Property Court stands in support of home and foreign parties ready to settle any possible issues that potentially can arise after the IT solutions are completed.


All foreign companies can open their filial branches provided their businesses are conducted within the legal boundaries of Ukraine.

A rich landscape of high-tech possibilities

Thousands of highly skilled computer engineers graduate from top Ukrainian universities annually. They are spearheading a new IT revolution and ready to create innovational IT solutions in the foreign market. Legislation and friendly taxation climate make it all a smooth sailing.


Another great advantage: Ukraine is a place where the English language barrier is effectively being erased. It’s safe to say that practically all development companies place a high stake in English learning activities. It is done with a purpose to facilitate a seamless process of communication between IT engineers and foreign customers.


Many Ukrainian IT specialists can already speak perfect English. Many companies hire teachers of English to conduct group or individual classes for them to improve their level. Onix is an example of that. As of now the number of Ukraine developers keeps on growing and is close to 100,000.

The biggest plus: optimal development cost

As already mentioned, IT engineers aren’t burdened by heavy taxation, as they have only to pay 5% tax on their income.


NB: the experts in the field affirm that outsourced software or app development is of high quality and comparatively low in cost. That also explains why Ukraine developers are in high demand for US companies.


The development cost is significantly higher in the USA than in Ukraine. So there’s no need to overpay when you’re directly dealing with Ukrainian developers. Additionally, you get the same quality as in the US.


A quick comparison of an hourly rate proves that:

  • Ukraine developers have $25-$50 per hour
  • US developers get $120-$170 as an hourly rate


So, you have to decide for yourself. Each product has its own price is a true saying. Are you looking for topnotch developers for an affordable price? Ukraine might be the right place for that.


In any case, Ukraine is worth investigating regarding software development as it refers to both quality and price. Give attention to it. Ukraine’s leading IT programmers are at your disposal 24/7.