Can Bitcoin Be Traced?

In this article, we will talk about the possibility if Bitcoin can be traced. With the current state of cryptocurrency in today’s business world, the value of Bitcoin still remains unstable. It may soar really high with a possibility of $20,000 and the cryptocurrency hype that came along with it but can also plunge into the abyss with a $7,500 market value.

Before we continue to tackle the traceability of Bitcoin, let me just give you a brief review of what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin or BTC in the global stock market is the oldest form of cryptocurrency that was invented in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto which is a pseudonym. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that can be used for transactions without involving your personal bank. It is actually based on a technology which is called blockchain.

Now that we somehow re-introduced Bitcoin, let us dive into the main topic of this article:

Can Bitcoin be traced?

The answer is YES! Well, theoretically speaking, Bitcoin itself is not traceable but your Bitcoin transactions can be traced. Since its’ inception, most people involved in trading and moving Bitcoin thought that it is completely untraceable. But they were completely wrong. In this digital world that we live in, it is quite possible to hide your identity, but there are still traces of your digital footprints that are left behind. With that concept, it also makes Bitcoin somehow traceable as it is also part of the digital world.

By its’ original design, Bitcoin is not really connected to a real person’s identity. This system uses the alphanumeric form of strings which can be considered as a public address that can be used for transactions that will be recorded in the so-called blockchain.

Although the personal info of the person doing the transaction is not visible anywhere during the transaction, the IP address that the user had while using the public address can still be tracked down. Even if the person is using private wifi, the IP address that was given to that wifi can still be tracked down when a very rigid investigation is done. Internet Service Providers uses the identification of people who use their internet services. IP addresses that were specifically given to that person can be tracked down by the government agency and other private companies that keep track of these kinds of transactions.

The main reason why Bitcoin transactions are being traced either by government enforcement agencies or by private firms is that, with the former’s main goal is to catch organized crime groups from moving certain currency to fund their principles and the latter is doing it for the main purpose of staying afloat in the business world.

In this high-time of the crypto-currency hype, most traders know that Bitcoin has no serial number but the wallet that you will create is linked to a special type of alphanumeric codes that is somehow tied up to the IP address of your wifi. So, it is safe to say that, somehow Bitcoin can be traced.

With this concern, most traders are looking for improvements in this system. Addresses for Bitcoin wallets that require changes will be implemented soon. GUI or graphical user interface of this system will also be improved in time so as to be more user-friendly to the not-so-computer-savvy traders out there. More researchers are doing everything to improve the state of security of trading and moving Bitcoin. I guess it will not take long for this system to be completely untraceable and fool-proof.

How to Hire an ISA for your Real Estate Team?

Having to manage a business require some skills and commitment. The biggest mistake most managers do is employing people who are not competent enough to handle the companies undertaking. This has cost most of the business and they end up making losses instead of profits. We know that every business need inside sales agents for it to run smoothly. But again the challenge here is who exactly should you employ or what should you look in a person before you employ them? No need to worry anymore because in this article, you will find a way to ensure your company excel by having the right people. The below tips will help you to have a real estate call center agent who cannot trick your customers, a person who will work toward the attainment of the business objectives and goals.

Check on the personal traits of the agent

Traits and characters are very important in our day to day life. Keep in mind that the person you are seeking to employ will be dealing with your business operations. So you need to trace back the record of this agent and find out if he or she had some criminal records or traits that would otherwise mask the image of your company.

Check on the experience

When you talk about real estate’s agents, you would definitely get confused because there are so many of them out there. But again you need to know that all the ISA can sell houses. So if you are not willing to make mistakes, you can choose to employ those agents who are most qualified and fall in your real line of work. Do not go for an agent who has been dealing automotive industry. Experience matters a lot. So a person with at least 4 years’ experience will the right person for your company because they will know how to handle your customers.

Conduct an interview

Interviews have so far proven to be the best way to identify the potential of anticipated employees. Facial interaction provides a better platform to get to know much about the person you are intending to employ. We know that a sales agent should have the potential of convincing buyers so that they can be able to purchase the products. Another thing they have to do is to ensure they handle the online communication sector and convince them. Thus if he or she is capable of answering your questions correctly, then you will have a perfect candidate for the job

Ask for their reference

We believe that someone who is dedicated to provide the best always shine wherever they go. Thus if they are joining your company, then you will need to request them to give you their reference. With this information at5 hand, you will be able to make communication and verify if the information they provided is really valid. This can help you develop a little trust on them even if they are new to you.

Let him or she live you a voicemail.

Many people can be able to perfectly express themselves in writing. But when it comes to verbal communication, they fail you. So one secret to deploy if you need to get a perfect agent for real estate call center is to ask them to deliver a voicemail message to you. The voice message should answer why the person thinks he is the best candidate for the job listed.

Why the US outsource software development to Ukraine?

Ukraine is a truly unique place for outsourcing software development.

There are a number of reasons for the US to outsource software development to Ukraine developers. Let’s have a look at them.

Giants do business in Ukraine

Ukraine seems to be the flourishing business place for many large companies to outsource software development to it. The famous examples are eBay, Nokia, Apple, Intel, and others that hire Ukrainian programmers for the development of new software. Moreover, Ukraine developers are regarded among the most sought-after computer engineers.


For this reason, US companies don’t shy away from extending their businesses to Ukraine. That includes hiring local developers. Ukraine is a great country to work with indeed. It possesses a variety of many skills and talents.


Ukrainian software engineers are involved in creating IT solutions both for the foreign and home market as well. The statistics speaks for itself: almost 80% of IT projects are outsourced to Ukraine. That’s the reason why Ukraine developers are always on the curve of new technologies. Therefore, their level of proficiency is continuously on the rise.

Ukrainian laws back up foreign customers

Legally speaking it is easy to enter into business cooperation between foreign and home development companies from the stance of Ukraine’s legal system. Both parties can feel safe and sound in this land.


The great bonus is that foreign companies are VAT-free!


Ukraine’s Intellectual Property Court stands in support of home and foreign parties ready to settle any possible issues that potentially can arise after the IT solutions are completed.


All foreign companies can open their filial branches provided their businesses are conducted within the legal boundaries of Ukraine.

A rich landscape of high-tech possibilities

Thousands of highly skilled computer engineers graduate from top Ukrainian universities annually. They are spearheading a new IT revolution and ready to create innovational IT solutions in the foreign market. Legislation and friendly taxation climate make it all a smooth sailing.


Another great advantage: Ukraine is a place where the English language barrier is effectively being erased. It’s safe to say that practically all development companies place a high stake in English learning activities. It is done with a purpose to facilitate a seamless process of communication between IT engineers and foreign customers.


Many Ukrainian IT specialists can already speak perfect English. Many companies hire teachers of English to conduct group or individual classes for them to improve their level. Onix is an example of that. As of now the number of Ukraine developers keeps on growing and is close to 100,000.

The biggest plus: optimal development cost

As already mentioned, IT engineers aren’t burdened by heavy taxation, as they have only to pay 5% tax on their income.


NB: the experts in the field affirm that outsourced software or app development is of high quality and comparatively low in cost. That also explains why Ukraine developers are in high demand for US companies.


The development cost is significantly higher in the USA than in Ukraine. So there’s no need to overpay when you’re directly dealing with Ukrainian developers. Additionally, you get the same quality as in the US.


A quick comparison of an hourly rate proves that:

  • Ukraine developers have $25-$50 per hour
  • US developers get $120-$170 as an hourly rate


So, you have to decide for yourself. Each product has its own price is a true saying. Are you looking for topnotch developers for an affordable price? Ukraine might be the right place for that.


In any case, Ukraine is worth investigating regarding software development as it refers to both quality and price. Give attention to it. Ukraine’s leading IT programmers are at your disposal 24/7.

How To Detox For Spring?

We all know that spring is the perfect time to deep clean our homes so they’re fresh and ready for the summer. But, very few of us consider a spring detox for our bodies during this season. It makes sense to detox the body in spring because you’ve just spent the whole winter indulging in comfort foods and probably not going to the gym. This leads to weight gain and excess fat that can be difficult to get rid of. Juice fast weight loss is a great way to detox your body so you can feel fresh, energized and healthier. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re drinking fresh, cold-pressed juice that’s made from organic fruits and vegetables. No preservatives, no flavorings, no colorants, and no additives. If you feel tired, drink more juice. You might experience detox symptoms like headaches but these pass quickly. In the end, you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy and ready for spring!

A detox will help you solve both issues and there are numerous detox programs available out there. According to health experts, juice fasting is one of the most effective detoxing methods that you can use. It was made popular by early proponents such as Arnold Ehret and Herbert M. Shelton, and it has remarkable health benefits for the mind and body.

What is a juice fast? As the name implies, a juice fast is when you consume only freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice for 3, 7, 14, 21 and even 30 days at a time. Studies show that juice fasting turns the body into a cleansing machine without interrupting your daily activity. That’s because it gives your body the nutrients and hydration it needs to neutralize and eliminate toxins, without expending energy in digestion. Benefits of a juice fast Juice fast weight loss is the most attractive benefit of juice fasting, but this detox method comes with other advantages as well. Juice fasting frees up the body’s energy from digestion so that it can focus on healing other parts of your body that need attention. Plus, it allows you to consume more nutrition than you would if you were eating a solid meal or drinking a smoothie. In fact, you can consume up to 8 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetables in one 16 ounce juice bottle! This means you won’t have to starve yourself while doing a juice cleanse and can continue to do your work and other daily activities.

Other benefits of a juice fast include: – Clearer skin – Improved digestion – Increased energy – Hormonal balance etc.

How to do a Juice Fast

You can make your own juice at home using a juicing machine. The price for these usually starts at $150 and it will last you for a lifetime. Then, you can just look up juice cleanse recipes online through Google and/or YouTube and you’re good to go! Alternatively, you can purchase the juices from your local juice bar. If both those options are unavailable to you, you can always blend your organic fruits and vegetables in a high-speed blender. Afterward, strain the mixture with a muslin cloth so that you get a nice smooth juice. How much should I drink? To experience the benefits described above, you need to consume at least six 16 ounce bottles of fresh organic juice per day. You can drink more than this if you like to keep you energized and active throughout the day. For best results, drink the sweeter juices in the morning and the green juices in the evening to help relieve stress after a long day.

How To Avoid Expensive Medical Billing Mistakes

It is sad that quite a number of medical offices lose a lot of money due to mistakes. These mistakes occur in different areas within a hospital but most of it is lost through billing like that in neurology billing services. A lot of errors happen in recordings as well as calculations leading to losses for the offices. However, the expensive medical billing mistakes are avoidable by using the software. This article presents you with ways on how to avoid the billing mistakes in a bid to enhance billing service. Do the following to avoid them. Double Check and Verify Patients Records Many expensive mistakes that happen in neurology billing services for instance result from the use of wrong patient data. The mistakes lead to wrong bills as the factual information is not available. This mistake can be avoided by the use of efficient electronic data storage systems. Once the systems are used, collecting wrong information on a patients file is very easy hence right billing. When health records are kept through electronic means, double checking and updating of patients’ data become easy hence the most accurate billing process. Typing in the systems should be carefully done. Ensure Correct Quantity Information Wrong information about the quantity of medication given leads to billing mistakes. It can be avoided by abandoning handwritten prescriptions as handwriting that is not legible may bring disagreements on what is written. Instead, you should adopt electronic prescription capability found in the EHR machine for definite and reliable records. The prescriptions are used in the calculation of the final bill and when they are recorded electronically, there are no mistakes hence the correct billing amount.

Track All the Denied Claims One way of getting into the heart of a matter is finding out how and why a certain issue occurs. If you track all the denied claims in your medical office, you will be able to know the reason why an issue happened and fix it. As you tack, you must be keen so that you will unearth its cause and an immediate solution. This can be best implemented through a claims denial officer. Automation of the system should be done so that there is a detection of any denied claim. This will lead to consistency of the billing process and hence avoidance of mistakes in the billing process.

Keep the Coding Right You need to be very keen inpatient coding as it can result in your facility taken against a legal action apart from losing money if the patient realizes a mistake in the codes. For you to keep coding in check, check different patient’s codes on the receipts and let your record software to date. If you realize inconsistency in the codes of various patients, know that things are not right and before anything, check your staff and the software to ensure that you avoid the expensive billing mistake.

Ensure Insurance Qualification Ensure that the patient qualifies to get medical funds from insurance. Mostly the medical facilities blindly accept the insurance cards only to realize that the patient is not eligible for a fund. This leads to loss of money as the card had been fed into the system but can’t get funds from the insuring company. The most basic thing to do before accepting the card is to check and ascertain that the patient is eligible for funding.

How To Choose Outdoor Hiking Shoes

Getting the right type of running shoe shouldn’t be a daunting task. You need to choose a shoe that makes you comfortable while running based on the below features. Here are a few Reebok womens running shoes to choose from.

The type of hiking shoes you have can determine how your hike will be. Most of us would want to have a comfortable pair of shoes. You wouldn’t want a pair that can result in a sore foot or a blister. If you have troubles getting the right pair of running shoes then look at the tips below.

1. Choose a shoe that matches Your hiking styles Hiking boots vary with the type of trekking. The right type of hiking boots will be determined by whether you are a mountainous hiker or you are a casual hiker. It is important that you know the difference before determining the right pair of shoes. Mountaineering boots are designed for rocky terraces, snowy paths, and glacial trails while light hiking shoes are designed for casual hiking.

2. Check on the right type of material When it comes to choosing an appropriate pair of hiking shoes, its material really matters. The wrong type of material may make your feet cramped, uncomfortable and hot. Here are some of the materials you need to look for in a hiking shoe.

— Synthetics — synthetics are usually polyester and nylon. They are less water resistant and feel light. They are mostly found in light running shoes. — Full grain leather — full grain leather is a durable material usually found in mountaineering boots. If you are looking to traverse into rocky or unsteady areas, then you should look for a pair of shoes made of full grain leather. — Split grain leather — this type of material is usually made of half synthetics and half leather. It is very breathable and quite durable. Split grain leather is perfect for running.

3. Select the right size Comfort comes with the right size of boots. Find a pair of boot that fits your feet right without pressing them. Also, avoid an oversize boot. They are the main causes of blisters. Always ensure that the shoe fits well around the ball of your foot and that the heel is perfectly placed in the shoe. You should try your shoes while wearing a pair of socks to get the perfect fit and comfort.

4. Try your boot before purchasing it Don’t just head home with your new shoes without trying them out. It is the best way you can actually figure out whether they are the perfect type or not. If you feel they don’t fit well are you feel uncomfortable wearing them, feel free to swap them with another pair.

5. Get the right cut for your trekking Running shoes have different cuts tailored for your running. Getting the wrong cut may cause a bruised ankle. Here are a few cuts to look out for:

— Low-cut – low-cut shoes are perfect for running and casual hiking. — Mid-cut – mid-cut shoes are perfect for bumpy trails. They offer more balance to the ankle as well as support. They also prevent injuries to your feet especially if you are running on a trail full of debris. — High-cut – high cut shoes are best for adventurous hiking. They offer perfect ankle balance and support.

How Much a Private Investigator Cost

Once you have decided to use the services of private investigators Melbourne, it is always advisable to have a clear picture of the approximate costs. This will help you in budgeting for the course beforehand.

The minimum hours of surveillance are 4 hours and the changes are $80 per hour. The minimum surveillance period is one week. However, there are other rates that may be added to the hourly rates and this include.

Is it a flat fee rate? There are some services that have a flat fee rate, these include: Background check and research which ranges from $20-$40. In this list of flat rate fees is also the cell phone number tracking, criminal record, and Gps unit. You should always inquire about these rates before signing the contract.

Consultation This is offered free by most companies. Especially those companies that do a perfect job. On consultation, you have no need to worry. If an investigating company asks for consultation fee then move on to the nest one. Professional Investigating companies do not ask for a consultation fee.

Deposit Private investigators Melbourne will require a deposit depending on the case that they are handling. For instance, for data tracking, you will pay a deposit of $500. Infidelity investigation will cost $5000 while a case of criminal defense will cost between $1000 and $3000. However, if the case is being handled through an attorney there is no deposit required. As long as the attorney promises to make the payment. If your case is a matter of urgency, then you will also be required to make a deposit before the investigations begin.

Hidden Charges There other changes that are normally overlooked and it is good that you are aware of them before you sign the papers to start off the surveillance. Private investigates charge travel costs, this rage is approximately $0.45 per mile. They also charge airline and accommodation cost. this will depend on the hotel booked and the airline used. it will also depend on the number of people involved. For example, the investigating company may feel the need to use more than one person for the surveillance and this will reflect in the cost. When all is said and done that it is always advisable to ask your private investigator to give you a daily record of what has been done so as to keep tabs with your payment.

Do Instagram Ads Really Work?

There are several ways to influence your company popularity and gain many followers. Apart from Instagram followers boost with Social Bloom, there is another greatest way a company can take advantage of the photo-sharing platform – to put money into Instagram ads. Put simply, the ads do the job.

Kinds Of Ads

There are 3 different kinds of ads you’ll be able to choose for Instagram. Video ads are extremely much like photo ads. Single video ads are an excellent means to drive engagement whilst blending in with organic content. Carousel ads enable advertisers to use a number of images to receive their point across. They are a great way to showcase your products, especially if you have a catalog of items, or want to give users a peek into the functionality of your product. Unlike print ads, they offer the added benefit of taking people to a website to learn more.

Then define who you need to see your ads and how much money that you want to spend. The price of Instagram advertising is a little more than the price of Twitter advertising and Facebook. If you’re searching for a fast means to decrease your ad expenses, try locating a relevant Instagram influencer. The cost for every type of Instagram ad campaign is completely customizable, so you won’t ever go over your financial plan.

Before publishing your very first ads, you want to design and set them up. The same as in the Facebook Ads Manager, you will set who you wish to target, how much you desire to spend, and the length of time you desire to run the ad. If you are making lead ads, you will need to make your lead form. The absolute most productive ads are highly targeted, therefore it’s worthwhile to get familiar with the audience you aspire to reach.

The very first thing the Facebook Ads Manager will force you to do is choose an advertising objective. Additionally, it makes it easy to see how it will look on mobile devices through its ad preview. Actually, when you log in the Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll have to decide on a campaign objective before being in a position to do anything else. If you are in possession of a very clear idea of who’s on the receiving end of your Instagram ads, all the creative decisions you have to make will flow from that point.

Just because you believe your ads are awesome doesn’t indicate it’s true. From that point on, make sure all your ads point to the exact same post. Your Instagram Ad should be about lifestyle initially and product second. Instagram ads are rather new so strike now while it’s still possible to find wonderful results from them. They have proven to be an effective means for generating new business. Since they work using the same system as Facebook Ads, you might think that they cost the same.

Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Ads let you insert a brief advertisement between users’ stories. Instagram Stories Ads offer you a distinctive and new way to engage with your clients and target industry. Even if they don’t immediately have a huge impact on your social following, remember that it’s all about spreading brand awareness. They can be a virtual gold mine for almost any company or industry.

You’ve got to produce ads that are simple to recognize at a fast glance. Ads are also reviewed by means of a mixture of algorithms and human moderators to ascertain if they’re breaking company policies. Before you make your ad you must know that not all ad types are offered for Instagram ads. Single image ads are much simpler to create than carousel ads.

Like Facebook advertising, they offer advanced targeting and flexibility so as to be accessible for just about any business. It’s possible to run the ad on Facebook and Instagram, but if you simply wish to run it on Instagram, be sure the other distribution options are removed. As everyone probably knows, Facebook Ads work nicely because you are able to target a particular set of individuals.

If you’re unsure who you ought to be attempting to reach with your ads, first spend the opportunity to work out who your perfect customer is. Video ads, on the flip side, will need you to place a little more time and effort into production. Instagram advertising is straightforward to spot. Advertising using Facebook and Instagram is a significant idea for nonprofits. For your ad to acquire results, it should add value, not just be a blatant Instagram advertisement for your merchandise.

Tips for Hiring a DUI Lawyer

You want to understand why and when an auto accident lawyer is required or ought to be hired. An auto accident lawyer does all the required paper works regarding the circumstance. Why you are in need of an automobile collision lawyer. Different facets including brake failure, reckless driving, driving above-set limits or being drunk whilst driving are a few of the usual causes of automobile accidents.

Following are a few of the most important things to think about when choosing your DUI lawyer.

* Just because you’ve found an attorney, does not indicate they’re the very best for your circumstance. Your attorney should have a basic comprehension of clauses in insurance in order to effectively manage your case. Therefore, whenever you are selecting an attorney, make sure he or she’s certified because trained and professional lawyers know the system.

* Bear in mind that you’re choosing an attorney, not a magician. Research and get to understand what branch of law the attorney is specialized in. If you’re feeling disappointed in your lawyer, don’t forget your lawyer would like to win too!

* When you’re looking for an expert drunk-driving lawyer, you should speak to her or him and explain in details the reason for your case. After you have provided your lawyer with the proper info, they are going to be in a position to advise you and explain to you a number of the things he or she expects from you.

* The ideal way to decide whether an attorney is a great fit is by scheduling consultations with various DUI lawyers to see which one which you feel is most compatible with you. If he is not very familiar with the Judges and rules in the area where you were charged you will be the one to suffer the consequences of that inexperience.

When it’s well worth hiring an attorney whatsoever, then it’s well worth hiring the very best lawyer you are able to afford. In case it happens that you or a loved one is injured, your attorney will guarantee that the health care bills are well covered by the offender. Selecting a criminal lawyer is something which requires a lot of time and consideration. Only experienced lawyers are going to be in an excellent position of identifying a number of the technical areas that will need to get clarified well.

An excellent lawyer will guarantee that the proceedings go as scheduled. A conscientious and competent lawyer will let you know the reality. Be Forthcoming. You have to be inclined to offer your prospective lawyer with each and every bit of information which is going to assist them to construct a case in your favor. When you employ a skilled DUI lawyer, you should not be stressed because they can establish the length you’re going to be staying behind bars.

While hiring a DUI attorney will be less expensive than the cost of a conviction, you will nonetheless wish to work within a budget to stop additional problems for you and your family members. Finding such an attorney isn’t always so cut and dry. To prevent the chance of any

hidden fees or costs, you should ask your lawyer what payments options are offered in case the proportion of a settlement doesn’t cover all the expenses. If a DUI attorney lets you know that you have to pay now or lose the opportunity to hire him you ought to be concerned.

Consider the Location. You also have to be thinking about where the attorney is based regarding proximity. Lawyers maintain the experience that’s required to manage your issue. Talk to somebody who has actually had to seek the services of a DUI attorney. Go through the subsequent 8 suggestions to get a better comprehension of what the practice of choosing a DUI lawyer entails.

Hiring the services of a Private Investigator

Private investigation is really an area and professionals that belong to it hold exceptional abilities and expertise to learn the perfect info and that too in a timely method. In truth, it’s predicted to be among the largest growing industries over the subsequent 10 decades.

Private detectives in Brisbane these days are involved in many affairs like locating lost persons and those who have been kidnapped. They offer some of the best services in the field of private investigation. They are known to use polygraph testing in order to get details either in the case of employees screening or even prenuptial cases.

Whether you decided to hire a private investigator, you need to try to engage one with a license. A professional private detective will be in a position to provide you with their license number immediately and you may check it with your neighborhood municipality to be certain it’s valid, has a matching name to your personal detective and if any complaints are filed against them. It’s possible to check the site of the private investigator and discover out details about him.

You should pick an investigator that specializes in the field of detection you are searching for.If your personal detective only works out of restaurants and over the telephone, that’s a sign you should become out now.

Usually, Private Detectives have the choice of carrying firearms, but they’re far less inclined to ever draw a firearm during the operation of their work. Most private investigators provide a free preliminary consultation.

If your personal investigator desires the help of an associate overseas, the hourly rate could be high. Private investigator and detectives finally have to have widespread resources to find the ideal info and use equipment and similar things to get accurate outcomes.

It is possible to then request for the most productive team to deal with the investigation of your case.

You should either contact companies which were recommended by friends or relatives after an excellent experience, or you, once you have fully reviewed the performance before. A seasoned company will have the ability to do justice to your case and execute the investigation in the correct direction. Whatever information is offered in the investigation is often full of inaccuracies and extraneous particulars. You’re very likely dealing with sensitive information whenever you’re working with a private investigator and you will need to make sure your PI will be discreet and respectful of information shared between both of you.

The fact of the problem is that every case is different and should be approached differently, therefore it’s tricky to describe what a private investigator can do in a brief sentence. If you delay

the situation might go out of control and could have a drastic turn. Getting in touch with a trusted company can help you to understand the services provided by the professionals of the business.